787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Sophia Oppel
Figures of Distance, 2018

29.10.18 – 1.12.18

Sophia Oppel's Figures of Distance is the first exhibition in shell's inaugural program at *QueenSpecific.

For *QueenSpecific, Oppel has created an interactive sculptural installation coherent with her interest in the human body and the various structures that shape it. Figures of Distance looks specifically at the visual and commercial landscape surrounding the window to question the drive to conform to a "universal" aesthetics. The exhibition changes markedly from day to night: during daylight hours it reflects the environment surrounding it and covertly interpolates the casual passer-by. At night it's shiny and stark. It draws the viewer in, uncomfortably situating (and displaying) them within the bright commodified landscape of Queen street.

Over the course of the next 6 months, Sophia Oppel, Josi Smit, Qendrim Hoti, Alvin Luong, and Andrea Creamer will be taking over *QueenSpecific and actively engaging their artistic practice in a conversation with the very particular spatial configuration that is a window space on Queen West. Using very different material approaches, aesthetic drives, and thematic concerns each artist will develop new works that call to the surrounding geo-political landscape, and the history of Queen West.

Sophia Oppel is an arts practitioner based in Toronto, Ontario. Oppel’s work addresses the position of insidious, hegemonic power embedded in networked existence and its manifestations in embodied experience. Oppel’s practice is based in digital media and interactive installations; employing algorithms, web applications, software pre-sets and the viewer’s body as subject matter. Oppel has exhibited throughout Ontario, including shows at Bunker 2, InterAccess, 156 Studio Projects, Forest City Gallery, Xpace Cultural Center, and Roundtable Residency.

shell is a curatorial collective led by Maegan Broadhurst and Barbora Raceviciute.

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