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The Toronto Ink Company/Jason Logan
Inktest (Wild Grape Chromatography), 2017

01.11.17 – 05.12.17

Hidden in plain sight near railway lines and waste areas, wild fox grape vines fruit into some of the city’s most vibrant colours. Once concentrated, the juice from these vines forms a rich —though fugitive— ink colour. Soft Japanese paper (kozo) provides a starting point for the pigment to flow upward through the fibres — absorbing at different rates and separating into inherent tones in the ink to form a test and expression of wild city colour.

Wild fox grapes (Dundas Street West overpass), Canadian shield wild harvested wintergreen oil (fungicide)

made from renewable branches of the kozo (paper mulberry) bush, specifically the innermost of three layers of bark which must be isolated to be cooked and beaten before the sheets are formed. Kozo fibre makes strong, translucent and absorbent papers. Kozo is grown as a crop and harvested annually in Japan.

stainless steel industrial cake pan

Founded by Jason Logan in 2014, The Toronto Ink Company is a collaborative, citizen-science project that harvests and distills colour from built, wild, and hybrid landscapes. The Toronto Ink Company works on all scales from bottled pigments and ink tests to collaborative projects with poets, artists, designers, filmmakers, and architects.

The inks are street-harvested, hand-made, sensitive to place and ecology, and vary according to soil and season. They have been tested by artists, illustrators, and experimenters around the world from Berlin, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Japan, to a National Geographic icebreaker in the Arctic. The ink tests are a visual record of the possibilities and interactions of living pigments and point to potential avenues for further material research. Each ink test has been stabilized with a casein fixative, creating a living archive which may crystallize, oxidize, or change colour over time.


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