787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Zoe Downie-Ross
Precursor to end

14.01.14 – 25.02.14

Precursor to end, is a wall installation made up of receipt paper ends, collected by the artist over a year-long period while working at a café. Zoe began to notice subtle differences in the marks that appeared at the end of each roll, signaling the need to replace the paper. For *QueenSpecific, Zoe uses these rolls to explore time, sameness and difference. In exhibiting these workaday objects, she playfully reminds the viewer of the unique qualities found in the mundane.

Precursor to end is an ongoing art project that began in 2012.

Zoe Downie-Ross recently graduated from the Studio Art program at Guelph University. Her sculptural, video and installation work explores prosaic spaces and objects that are often overlooked. She currently lives and works in Toronto, ON.


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