787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Kate Walchuk
Cake Stand, 2013

09.01.13 – 20.02.13

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Taking a playful cue from *QueenSpecific’s close proximity to Dufflet Pastries, Cake Stand by Kate Walchuk is a three-tiered rotating display that houses papier-mâché desserts. The cakes and pie are reminiscent of the celebratory sweets made by the artist’s mother and grandmother. From a distance, Walchuk’s showcase blends in amongst the decorated retail windows of Queen Street West. Upon closer inspection, Cake Stand’s illusion is revealed.

Kate Walchuk lives in and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her process is similar to that of the collector, shopper or thrift-hunter who seeks that elusive but attainable gem. Her mixed-media sculptures and shaped paintings combine trompe l'oeil technique with her interests in pop culture and folk art. She is currently working on a series of “souvenirs”.


Curated by Stefan Hancherow and Jennifer Simaitis.

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