787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Luke Smit
Les Objets De Curiosité
(The things I picked up off the street while walking along Dundas and made into a monster), 2012

Found detritus, stop motion animation Duration: 14:35

03.10.12 – 17.10.12

I have discovered, throughout the city, an amazing plethora of small overlooked objects, strewn on streets and corners, that for me, represent a passing moment in time and a vocabulary for telling stories.

I have been picking up these discarded, broken, misplaced and forsaken bits and pieces on my route to and from school and work every day over the past year. Recently, I have begun to categorize these items and animate them through stop-motion as a way of bringing them back to life and re-telling their stories. In Les Objets De Curiosité, objects from my collection are given a chance to frolic in front of the camera before morphing into a shiny, colorful, monster.

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