787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view, above: final painting produced by the Hula-Graph Actualizer
while at *QueenSpecific, photos: John Marriott

John Marriott
The Hula-Graph Actualizer

14.10.11 – 22.11.11

Taking inspiration from Jackson Pollock’s dictum “I am nature”, The Hula-Graph Actualizer functions like a seismograph, barometer or MRI device by sensing, measuring and recording particular phenomena. The Hula-Graph Actualizer translates and records forces of “nature” by releasing pigment onto a canvas while parts of the device are in motion as a result of various forces acting upon them.

John Marriott is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Toronto, Canada. His works have been featured in exhibitions and festivals nationally and internationally in venues such as The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (Toronto 1995, 1996), The Impakt Festival (Utrecht, 2003), 25HRS (Barcelona, 2003), The Rotterdam International Festival of Film and Video (Rotterdam, 2003), The 7a*lld International Festival of Performance Art (Toronto, 2004), The ZKM (Karlsruhe, 2004) and The Toronto Sculpture Garden (Toronto, 2006). His multiples are included in private and public collections including The Art Gallery of Ontario and The National Gallery of Canada.

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