787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view, above: detail, photos: Rick O'Brien

Andrew Reyes

28.06.11 – 16.08.11

Andrew Reyes likes to draw, take photos and cull images. For *QueenSpecific, he’s loaded up the walls and floor of the vitrine with his collection of images, all mounted on album-like spools of white ribbon. The installation is best described (cryptically) by Andrew:

We need you to cut for us a long piece of wood (…and paint it white. Don’t worry we’ll put the hooks on ourselves, thanks),” a picture of a horse, Mortadella graphics, switchblades… these things arrive everyday. Do you let them in? And then what? Should we call the lost and found? Refrigerate? Black or yellow? Keep here or take with us? Sometimes things take care of themselves and to this I say Schwette!

Andrew Reyes is an artist who lives in Toronto and Paris. Recent solo shows include: Cryptique, Goodwater Gallery, Toronto; Andrew Reyes, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo; and Posters, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver.


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