787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view, above: detail, photos: Rick O'Brien

Flavio Trevisan
The Game of Urban Renewal (Special Regent Park Edition)

25.02.11 – 12.04.11

The Game of Urban Renewal (Special Regent Park Edition) is a board game based on the Regent Park neighbourhood of Toronto. The object of the game is to redevelop a part of the City that has been considered both a triumph and a failure of urban renewal since it was first created 1947. Players of the game take turns spinning a wheel to make decisions that will affect generations to come.

During the course of the installation, the artist will change the positions of the game pieces weekly. In this way he is representing both playing of the game and the larger consequences that are inherent in the planning of cities.

Flavio Trevisan is an artist based in Toronto. His practice examines the contemporary condition of our built environment - how it is shaped by and, in turn, shapes us. He has exhibited his work since 1999, most recently at Diaz Contemporary in the summer of 2010. He is a founder and co-director of Convenience Gallery in Toronto.

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