787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view, above: detail, photos: Rick O'Brien

Janet Morton
Unravelling: things are not as they used to be

07.01.11 – 22.02.11

In the 70’s when “the tower” was built, I lived in the suburbs of Toronto. My older sister and I had a perpetual contest while driving into the city of who would see it first.

For close to twenty years I lived just beyond its shadow and spent many grey winter days trudging along Queen Street.

The dimensions of the *QueenSpecific window seem to mimic the iconic beacon that for years lay claim to a world top rating, and now guides me along the 401. In a recent poll grey squirrels were ranked second in the category of “non-native pest”.

With increasing frequency I experience a pleasant blur between creation and destruction.

— JM

Janet Morton has exhibited extensively throughout Canada and abroad, and has received numerous awards. Morton currently lives and works in Guelph, Ontario, teaches sculpture at University of Waterloo and is represented in Toronto by Paul Petro Contemporary Art.

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