787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view, above: detail, photos: John Howarth

Eliza Plumley

28.05.10 – 15.06.10

Eliza Plumley has adopted a daily ritual of foraging for discarded materials in her environment, at work, at home and on the street – objects that are considered useless and that will not biodegrade in the urban environment into which they are cast. Her installation GreenSpecific, is constructed from objects found during these forays – things like telephone wire/cords, caution tape, pylons, rope, plastic cups, electrical cord, foam, clear plastic tubing, and cassette tapes. Using a crochet technique, Eliza manipulates these found materials by modifying them, some beyond recognition, while others remain as found.

Eliza Plumley is a recent graduate of the Sheridan College Textiles program. She is currently living and creating in Toronto. Eliza sees beauty in materials with no perceived value and has a fondness for collecting and incorporating them into textile processes.

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