787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view (photo: John Howarth), above: detail

Michael Klein
Molly to Molly

19.06.09 – 28.07.09

Molly to Molly consists of a suite of four lenticular photographs documenting four generations of women from the artist’s family. The top three photographs each contain a pair of images of a mother and her daughter: Molly & Sharon; Sharon & Lainie; Lainie & Molly. The bottom photograph pairs an image of the youngest member of the family with the great grandmother for whom she is named.

Toronto based artist, Michael Klein has been exhibiting video and photo-based work for more than 25 years. His interests include personal history and identity, relationships and interaction, structure and presentation. Recent exhibitions include Citizen Dandy at the Art Gallery of Windsor and i and i at the Confederation Centre for the Arts Gallery in Charlottetown. Citizen Dandy was also included in the exhibition, Here Now or Nowhere in Grand Prairie, Alberta in 2009. Video Pool in Winnipeg will be exhibiting i and i in 2010.

Michael Klein is also the director of MKG127 (www.mkg127.com).

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