787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view (photo: John Howarth), above: detail

Micah Lexier
& Roula Partheniou
Works, Works 1, Twice

13.02.09 – 25.03.09

Works, Works 1, Twice is a double-take. What at first appears to be two sets of two identical books is in reality one set of real books and one set of painted books. Works, Works 1, Twice is a pair of pairs by a pair of people - a collaboration between one artist who likes to find things and another who likes to fake things.

Micah Lexier is an artist, a collector (mostly of paper) and (sometimes) a curator. He has a keen interest in measurement, numbers and working with things he finds. He lives happily in Toronto and is represented by Birch Libralato (Toronto), TrépanierBaer (Calgary) and the Gitte Weise Galerie (Berlin). For more information please go to www.micahlexier.com.

Roula Partheniou is an artist living and working in Toronto. Her work is marked by a concern for marriage of material and form, and is drawn together by a strong sense of both logic and play. Using familiar objects as a starting point, she plays simple games using the objects’ own inherent rules and properties to transform them. Partheniou is represented by MKG127 in Toronto. Further examples of her work can be seen at www.roulapartheniou.com.

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