787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Left: window view, above: detail, photos: John Howarth

Stephen Andrews
You and I

14.11.08 – 06.01.08

Stephen Andrews’ You and I, is from a new series of portraits using an Old-Master glazing technique. As opposed to direct painting, the colour is applied in a sequence of thin, transparent layers producing a combined chromatic and glowing effect. In You and I, Stephen is looking to represent the ephemeral aspect of the individual, rather than capturing a specific likeness. In this double portrait, two bodies appear in partial eclipse.

Stephen Andrews has been working in Toronto since the mid-seventies. He has exhibited his work in Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Scotland, France and Japan. He is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Belkin Art Gallery as well as many private collections. His work deals with memory, identity, technology and their representations in various media including drawing, animation and recently painting.

Stephen Andrews is represented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art (www.paulpetro.com).

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